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Traditional publishing for independent multi-media artists.

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Royalties, You Say?

Bothsam's has been a music, film and broadcast licensing agency with ASCAP since 2003 so, we understand royalties. 

The Bothsams Way

  • We apply a traditional publishing and licensing approach to multi-media, multi-genre titles. 
  • Our royalty splits are competitive, at 10/90 and 20/80 for administrative publishing, 30/70 for co-publishing, and 40/60 for full publishing, post-recoupment. In addition, we have a 25/75 split for licensing agreements and a 10/90 and a 20/80 split for consignment sales agreements.
  • We keep the formatting, printing and distribution costs of your project low, and price each version of your titles strategically to maximize your exposure and royalties. It's true that some sales are relatively "costless," such as eBooks or streaming content, but without any distribution and marketing behind global sites like Amazon, you won't get the exposure and royalty returns you need to keep working and producing. Bothsams has global distribution to over 39,000 retailers and etailers and reports to the New York Times Best-Sellers List and Gallup Polls. We review through Kirkus and Clarion. Select the Publishing tab above for a full description of our services. We keep an open call for submissions for all media and genres, including academic articles, essays, and textbooks. 
  • Artists who want to stay fully independent but need assistance with royalty monitoring and collections, or who are interested in consignment sales at Mojo Road-Show exhibitor events, please contact us directly at We will carry your title in our Road-Show catalogue and promote and sell it for you at exhibitor Pit-Stops, at a 20/80 gross split.


Much More than a Publisher

Bothsams does something most publishers don't or can't - we take you on the road with us and showcase your products and titles at fandom, cultural and literary festivals where we exhibit year-round ("Mojo Road-Show Pit-Stops"). Our unique approach to promoting is like having a mobile bookstore or theater at your disposal. Everyone can DIY publish or produce, these days, but the most valuable resource is one that can get the product directly in front of the consumer audience. We can also sell your products or works for you through our online store on consignment, just as we would at exhibitor events.

Whenever possible, we will also invite our artists to attend appropriate Pit-Stop events in their locale. We schedule their appearance, buy their day pass, cover meals and lodging if necessary, and help with local transporation to promote your appearance. If you don't have an agent or publicist, this is the best opportunity to meet your fans in person and promote your work. We use Square, WooCommerce, Stripe, Pay-Pal and Converge payment processing to handle sales while you are busy shaking hands with your fans and networking with industry resources. Make your original works an event on our Mojo Road-Show tours. Follow us for Pit-Stop updates by signing up for our On the Wire newsletter, following us on Twitter @TriodeDio , Instagram @bothsamspub, on Facebook @mojoroadshow and on our WordPress e-community at Lost Lenores.


Don't Sell Your Soul - Just Your Work!

Signing a book or a song away can take away your sense of control. Many creators of original works have been seriously burned and are disillusioned. You probably already know that an administrative publishing agreement would have allowed you to retain full rights over your work, while earning up to 90% of royalties. You might have tried co-publishing ("vanity" publishing under the publisher's ISBN) only to find that the distribution and support services were inadequate and non-profitable, or the accounting was sketchy. And most authors would love a full publishing deal, but can't get the attention of major publishers like Random House.  It's easy to give up when the wait-time for open submissions at a major can be from 6 months to 2 years without word. 

Bothsams offers all of those types of agreements, too, but our response time is fast (2 weeks for an answer after the content is received for review)

                                                                      - BUT -

if we offer an agreement, we will ask you to do more than "sign on the dotted line." We produce and publish multiple projects, and we will invite catalogue contributors to participate, so that you stay creating and earning in a living community of other artists like yourself. We also only work with other distributors who report to The New York Times Best-Seller List and Gallup polls. If that is your ultimate goal, then first and foremost, you're going to need the kind of promotion that generates adequate sales. It will take a team effort to do that, even if your content is the most amazing thing ever written. With Bothsams on your team, you can reach your goal without "selling your soul."

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Click the image to grab your perks from the catalogue!

"Bygones Will Always be Bygones" by Lyle Greig

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